How to limit screen time for kids

Worrying about how are electronic gadgets ruling in the everyday life of your child? Do you feel stressed whenever you see a report about the importance of screen time? As a parent by following few strategies and making the kid understand the negative effects of unhealthy screen time and setting some rules as the family makes you win over the battle.

My kid comes from the school and immediately after keeping the bags rush to watch her favourite cartoon. It’s the same routine she follows. Though I limit her screen watching by setting a time for an hour she is not happy to switch it off. Requests me to extend it for few more minutes. I am unhappy to accept how many times the same scene has played out in my house. I do my best to keep my kid’s screen time-limited. But it exceeds sometimes, I am not comfortable with how they are focused on it.

I know I am not alone many of the parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spending with digital devices. Eagerly looking for strategies to fix their problem, even some tries to.

As per surveys,  kids under age 6 are watching 2 hours of a screen daily

Kids and teens between 8-18 years spend 4-8 hrs /day in front of a screen

So, what are the harmful effects of too much screen time for kids?

  • Children should grow by engaging all their senses and exploring their surroundings. Too much screen time leads to a sedentary lifestyleand increases laziness in them. Chance to get affected by health problem obesity.
  •      Affects their eyesight. More usage of the screen can lead to eye dryness, fatigue, blurry vision, etc. Studies point out that the rapid increase of myopia (near-sightedness) one of the reason could be due to increased visual activity and less time spent outdoors.
  •      Causes sleep disorder.The blue light emitted from the display screens interferes with the sleep cycle in the brain and causes insomnia. So, don’t let them watch TV or use other devices for at least one hour before sleep.
  •      Triggers behavioural problems. Studies conducted on the relation between the behaviour of pre-schoolers and their screen time show significant attention and behavioural problems in them. Young children need to follow their curious minds and engage in messy play to develop their motor skills.
  •      Leads to mental health issues.Another study shows that teenagers who spent more time on screens are more prone to depression and have suicidal tendencies. The same study shows that children who spent more time on non-screen activities like social interaction, exercise, sports, etc, are less likely to develop mental health issues.
  • As you can see, there are so many side effects in letting children have too much screen time.
  • There is no doubt that parents have to take responsibility for instilling good habits around screen time early on. Let’s see how you can limit screen time in children and help develop healthy habits.
  • Tips and activities to  limit the screen time for your kids: 

Be an example: kids learn much more from parents by watching what we do, as opposed to listening to what we say. we can be good role models to our kids by following what we preach to them about screen time. By limiting our self-scrolling smartphones unnecessarily and also by limiting screen time too. 

Limited viewing time: Make them understand why you are limiting the screen time. Help your kid in understanding the reason for limiting screen time.set an idle or limited time to view the screen. Encourage the kids to watch during the given time. Make it in a fun way method. print tokens for viewing tv. Assign the timelimit on the token. so the kid can watch his/her favorite show by accessing the token. A fun method to restrict their viewing time. This helps the kid to understand the schedule when they are allowed to watch the screen and when they are not. prevent unnecessary arguments about watch time

Spend quality time with kids: Make sure that every day your spending quality time with kids. play along with them. Be a partner in their playtime for few minutes. Introduce new hobbies to them.

Encourage other activities: Gift or buy them toys that enlighten their creativity. Nowadays there are a lot of activity kits easily available. Introduce legos, building blocks, puzzles, pretend play sets which promotes their imagination and creativity.

Keep ready craft supplies, storybooks, painting kits readily available. so that you can encourage them to

use it when they complain of boredom

Encourage them to play outdoors. It refreshes them builds their immunity and gets more exercise too.

Establish House rules with your family: spending quality time along with the family member during mealtime. strictly say no to screens during meals. keeping digital devices away from all the members of the family an hour before sleep time. Plan a digital detox day and spend one day in a month relaxing without gadgets. Set up gadget-free zones in your home. Avoid setting up the television in the bedroom. screen usage should be at the scheduled time.

Provide knowledge about digital literacy: Encourage your child to have active screen time. Make them watch quality content. Educate and train them to convert their screen time as a learning resource. Guide not see entertainment videos all the time. watch programs with your child, discuss the learnings. suggest them age-appropriate programs.

Use parental controls: At some point in time child will be explored to explicit content on the internet and TV. You can set up devices with parental controls to filter or block unwanted data. use the apps to track and control the usage. sometimes even there is a chance to pause their screen time if the allotted watch time is completed.

And you can also keep an eye on their web history and be aware of what they are surfing.

Our aim should be to teach them balance and moderate screen usage.

Train the kids from a young age to use the screen for a limited time. Managing a child’s screen time is an ongoing challenge.

But by developing household rules revisiting them as your child grows. You can help ensure a safe view experience

What are your best tips on controlling screen time? Let me know in the comments below tips you fallowed too.

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