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Today’s moms are known by various names such as stay-at-home mom, domestic engineer, and above all homemaker. Rule out all by changing your mindset. Yes! what you read is correct. Do you know? Every homemaker is the CEO Of her house. A Boss lady who rules her home independently. Are you not one among them. Gear up! Take a charge of yourself. listen to the tips shared by my friend Mrs.Swathi, a homemaker for five years. Isn’t it funny? But you will wonder by seeing the adaptability of Swathi’s life from techie to Homemaker

Swathi and I are college friends, landed in our dream jobs with top MNC. Enjoying our profession.No one can’t change the law of the universe that is marriage, happened in our lives too. Due to certain reasons, She is unable to continue her profession. After a long gap met Swathi in a college reunion meeting.As a part of the program everyone sharing their personal and professional lives. Now it’s Swathi’s turn and she said I am a happy homemaker for 5 years. The hall remains silent.No no one not clapping like how they did before listening to the names of Top MNC. Swathi requested, can you all please clap for me? Thereafter listened to a few claps from my fellow friends. With great confidence, Swathi shared few tips which she followed to be a happy homemaker. Eager to know what they are? Listing out a few, have a glance.

Enjoy what you are doing looking at the need of your family every minute. Cook healthy and nutritious meals for your family. Helping your kids with their education. Raising a family without losing your mind is not easy, sometimes it’s hard. show your mark thereby giving the best .pat yourself always for being a good wife, best mom, and great daughter in law.

Be proud to say confidently I am dedicated to helping my family 24*7.you are the confident and strong person who gave up your career. But it’s worth it. stop feeling guilty about your part of your financial contribution to the family. your contribution to the family maybe not in terms of money, but it’s happening in different ways by supporting your family.

You must make time each day just for yourself 

why to wait for the weekend? Be motivated, plan your day. stay fit! start your day with yoga or physical exercise of your choice. Enjoy your free time it may be reading, watching your favorite show, attending hobby classes from the comfort zone of your home in online.

catch up with your best buddies Routine is something which every homemaker ends up doing. The life of a homemaker revolves around the family and hence boredom can hit anytime. keep a practice of meeting your close friends once a month, plan an outing. Enjoy the day to the fullest. Recharge yourself!

keep learning new things and be the spark. The world is yours and the choice is yours. opportunities are everywhere waiting to be seized by you. Enjoy your share of joys being a perfect homemaker. Thank you for reading and don’t miss sharing your opinion in the comment box.

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